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  • Air cooler
  • Air coolers

    Air coolers are designed to improve productivity in the plastic bottle industry.  Using compressed air from your systems, they produce ultra-low temperature, dry, dust-free and, if necessary, sterile air.  This air is injected into the plastic to form the bottle.

    Thanks to this accelerated cooling process, you can reduce the holding time for each bottle and therefore increase the machine’s production rate.

    This does not inject liquefied air, so the cooling process happens gradually with no cold spots.

    With reduced internal tension in the material, the quality of the finished products is improved.

    Low-temperature air is the most economic refrigerant gas available.

    Using just an air compressor, air treatment unit and a traditional refrigeration system, you can use this fluid for a considerably lower price than liquid gases.

    What’s more, the increased productivity will guarantee a very fast return on your investment.

    System composition

    • Air filtration
    • Drying at a dew point of -60°C
    • Air cooling up to -42°C

    Installation diagram :

    Refroidisseur d'air - Le procédé

    Thermal profile in the material

    Refroidisseur d'air - Le procédé

    By blowing cold air in the piece , we allow a better cooling which leads to :

    • A better conformity and precision of the manufactured pieces
    • A  real acceleration of the production rate

    In practice, we have observed results ranging from 15-25% increased productivity.  For certain technical components, this increase can be even higher.


    Pack complet avec sécheur et filtres Refroidi à l'air Temp °C en sortie Refroidi à l'eau Débit d'air glacé Tension Puissance consommée
    SR 40 * -35   40 Nm3/h 230-1-50 1.45 Kw
    SR 50 * -40   50 Nm3/h 400-3-50 1.35 Kw
    SR 80 * -40   80 Nm3/h 400-3-50 2.6 Kw
    SR 120 * -40 * 120 Nm3/h 400-3-50 4 Kw
    SR 260 * -40 * 260 Nm3/h 400-3-50 11 Kw
    SR 500 * -40 * 500 Nm3/h 400-3-50 17.2 Kw

    Refroidisseur d'air

    • Voltage for adsorber dryers : 230V-1-50
    • Maximum pressure : 10 bar (higher pressure on request).
    • Indicated flows are for temperature conditions of 35°C /25°C

    Good performance depends on the quality of the air cooler but also on the good adapation of the blow extrusion machines.

    Our several years of experience allow us to offer you the best service for the supply of equipment as well as the modification of the machines.

    We will offer you a custom built solution.


    Other applications

    • Injection blow moulding
    • Flask post cooling
    • Manufacture of small bottles
    • Cooling of different parts
    • Electronic components test at low temperature