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  • Ecoscrub
  • C2H4 and CO2 removal

    The ECOscrub is a next-generation system developed by ABSOGER which enables you to remove ethylene, the ripening hormone, and carbon dioxide, released by fruit, in long-term fruit conservation room.

    ECOscrub treats the air using a two-step process, using a combination of two modules :
    • a system to remove carbon chains such as ethylene and carbon dioxide: these are removed through adsorption onto a regenerating molecular sieve.
    • a system to eliminate the various pathogens present in the air: these pathogens are degraded using photo-catalysis on a titanium oxide-treated membrane activated by a UV lamp.

    The ECOscrub has been specially developed to provide improved apple conservation in a Controlled Atmosphere, meeting the new demands from industry professionals.

    This system is designed to work in EXTREME ULO with nitrogen regeneration.

    MODEL Dimensions
    Installed capacity
    (different from absorbed capacity)
    Quantity of fruit treated
    ECOscrub 1000 1300 x 650 x 1700 350 2.3 250
    ECOscrub 1500 1300 x 650 x 1700 430 2.3 350
    ECOscrub 2500 1600 x 760 x 1800 530 3.2 450
    ECOscrub 4000 2000 x 1000 x 2000 780 5.6 550
    ECOscrub 6000 2030 x 1060 x 2000 1220 7.4 650
    ECOscrub 8000 2030 x 1060 x 2350 1530 7.4 750

    These data are not contractually binding

    *Data for a conservation at 1°C, an oxygen level lower or equal to 1%, a carbon dioxide level lower or equal to 1% and an ethylene level lower than 5ppm.  The quantity of fruit treated varies according to the variety of apples.  We determine this according to the breathing rate and ethylene production of each variety.


    Ethylene and carbon dioxide removal

    • Touch-screen interface
    • Possible remote control / TCPIP
    • Integrated nitrogen saving system
    • Can be used across several different room