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  • Ethylene Analyzer
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    EASI - 1
    Ethylene Atmosphere Sampling Instrument


    Vue au microscope électronique

    The EASI-1 analyzer enables you to take a precise measurement of the ethylene content of the air in real time. It is portable and compact, ideal for use on site and in laboratories.  The sensor, consisting of a nano-porous nafion membrane, is a US patent-protected technology.  This sensor provides excellent ethylene sensitivity at levels as low as 10ppb in the air.  Ethylene is a hormone produced by plants, fruit and vegetables as a response to stress and also during ripening.  Analyses of the ethylene in the air have been used as “ripeness indicators” in the agricultural sector for several decades.  However, until now, highly sensitive ethylene measurements were only possible for experts in research laboratories using scientific equipment.  EASI-1 is designed for fruit producers, packing houses and researchers, enabling them to take very precise measurements and improve their fruit and vegetable conservation.


    Analyseur éthylène

    • Electro-catalytic sensor
    • High sensitivity, up to several ppb
    • Real-time, continuous measurements
    • Integrated sample pump
    • Rapid air intake and output connections
    • Adjustable measurement frequency, from 1/min to 1/day
    • Compact and portable
    • Measurements are recorded and can be downloaded using a USB stick
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Precision +/-5% of the value displayed
    • Simple, automatic calibration
    • Measurement range: 0.01ppm – 100ppm; 0.1ppm – 400ppm


    • CA room monitoring and management
      (kiwis, apples, peaches, avocados, melons, bananas, passion fruit, etc.)
    • Refrigerated container monitoring
    • Ethylene control in degreening and fruit ripening room
    • Gas detection
    • Fruit respiration analysis


    With EASI-1, you can take samples continuously in a sealed box containing fruit and measure this fruits’ ethylene production rate. Understanding the ethylene production rate of a fruit before and during storage is an excellent indicator. For example, late-harvest apples can produce too much ethylene (e.g. +10µ kg-1 h-1 in Controlled Atmosphere conditions) to enable long term storage for these fruits which are already too ripe. Thanks to the precision and real-time results, EASI-1 will give you all the indicators you need for better evaluation and conservation of your fruit in normal refrigeration or Controlled Atmosphere.

    Mesure du taux de production d'éthylène

    The analyzer provides extremely linear results concerning ultra-low concentrations of ethylene, below 10ppm.  This linearity enables you to perform a simple calibration and measure a wide range of different concentrations.

    Précision de la mesure