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    A specialist in France for over 30 years, the "GERBEAUD ISOLATION” company specializes in the construction of air-tight walk-in cold storage for Controlled Atmosphere, ULO and Extreme ULO conservation. GERBEAUD ISOLATION works hard to stay at the cutting edge of technology and meet the demands of the industry for ever-longer fruit conservation using a Controlled Atmosphere.


    Insulation is a vital element of any controlled atmosphere refrigeration system.  This is why our company also specializes in air-tight walk-in refrigerator construction.

    Thanks to our years of experience, our team is ready and willing to help you design your refrigerators, whether brand new or renovated, by helping you choose the ideal type of insulation for the sort of conservation you need, and all the other components you need to take into consideration.
    With our expertise in air-tight unit construction, we are one of the clear frontrunners in our field.


    The sandwich panels which we use to build our walk-in refrigerators have been issued a positive technical assessment and come with a ten-year guarantee. They also adhere to all current food standards. They are assembled using a double-joint system, ensuring the highest possible air-proofing.

    All of our walk-in refrigerators which are designed for Controlled Atmosphere are fitted with air seals on every panel join, every corner and every panel-floor connection.
    Our air-proof products meet all the health and safety conditions you would expect, and are manufactured in a sustainable fashion.
    We are also experts in floor insulation and air-proofing.

    We only use doors which have been specially designed for use in Controlled Atmosphere systems, and these are crucial for an effective system.

    All of the refrigerators we build are subject to tests before they are released onto the market in order to ensure that the seals are perfect.

    We can also provide refrigerator interior protection solutions for the bases of the panels, door protection, and installation of fixed or opening portholes, among other solutions.

    When possible, we can also renovate the insulation systems for existing walk-in refrigerators.  Before any intervention however, we will assess the unit and ensure that any work performed is feasible.

    Air-tight refrigeration units may be our specialty, but we also build traditional walk-in refrigerators, packaging rooms, premises for both agricultural and non-food-related companies, cleanrooms and interior container linings, among other services.

    Currently, more than 500 customers rely on us for these services.