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  • Management and analysis system
  • Absoger has developed a full range of gas control systems to meet all of your needs.
    As conservation levels creep ever downwards, we’ve developed a new analyzer which is both more compact and higher performance.  It enables you to analyze very low levels of O2 and CO2 with great precision, enabling effective ULO and XLO conservation.

    As such, all of our analysis systems are fitted with the following sensors :

    • An O2 sensor: Zirconium oxide cell life-span greater than three years.
    • CO2 sensor: Infra-red adsorption detection (NDIR).
    • O2 and CO2 sensor precision: 0.05% up to 1.5% O2/CO2, 0.1% above this level.

    Portable analyzer for controlled atmosphere chambers

    • Battery-powered, light and compact analyzer.  Simplified start-up and control.
    • Sensor precision: 0.05% up to 1.5% and 0.1% above this.
    • Sensor resolution: 0.01% up to 1.5% and 0.1% above this.
    • Integrated sample pump.
    • OLED screen.
    • Response time: depending on the length of the line, generally less than 2 minutes.
    • Power: internal battery, rechargeable at 230V – 50/60Hz.
    • Weight: 4kg
    • Dimensions: 23cm x 20cm x 11cm high.

    The Basic Controller is integrated into the CO2 adsorber in order to save as much space as possible. 
    It will automatically regulate a Controlled Atmosphere installation, and is great for operators looking for ease of use.

    Technical characteristics :
    Basic controller

    • A PLC enabling the automatic functioning of a Controlled Atmosphere installation (CO2 elimination, N2O2 injection, O2/CO2 analysis).
    • 5.7” next-generation color touchscreen: visualization and control of the Controlled Atmosphere installation using this screen.
    • Integrated O2/CO2 analyzer with sample pump for analysis.
    • Data recording system using a “Compact Flash” card.
    • Printer output via USB (optional).
    • Modem enabling you to remotely visualize the Controlled Atmosphere installation (optional).

    Nos produits - Système d'analyse

    The O2, CO2, C2H4 Management Supervisor is the most complete Controlled Atmosphere system in existence.  The fruit of 30 years of experience in Controlled Atmosphere conservation, the Management Supervisor provides a whole range of functions to ensure full safety and ease of use for the operator, while offering unprecedented Controlled Atmosphere system optimization to guarantee the best possible energy efficiency.  
    Among its more noteworthy innovations, the O2, CO2, C2H4 Management Supervisor is the only system to provide :
    • "Proportional" regulation: now, each Controlled Atmosphere chamber is regulated in proportion to its requirements. Controlled Atmosphere units will run for exactly the amount of time required for each chamber, providing huge reductions in energy and maintenance costs, as well as focusing its power on the most difficult chambers to regulate. Absoger has developed a unique algorithm which analyzes the behavior of each chamber concerned in order to adapt the running times for the Controlled Atmosphere units. As a result, running times are reduced considerably compared to rival systems. All the operator needs to do is enter the conservation instructions and the Absoger Management Supervisor will take care of implementing them in the most effective way possible !
    • Operational safety: thanks to the array of connections with all the equipment involved in conservation (refrigeration installation, air compressor, nitrogen generator, CO2 adsorber, nitrogen tank, etc.), the Absoger Management Supervisor and its unique algorithm will automatically detect any problems which may arise, notify the operator (alarm, e-mail, etc.) and, while awaiting operator intervention, make a provisory decision to ensure the safety of the operations, both in terms of the Controlled Atmosphere chamber and the products stored inside.
    • High performance processing of the data collected: thanks to the array of connections with all the equipment involved in conservation (refrigerating installation, air compressor, nitrogen generator, CO2 adsorber, nitrogen tank, etc.), the Absoger Management Supervisor and its unique algorithm will collect and process your system’s raw data. The operator can then correlate several variables in order to detect faults or improve conservation, rapidly calculate the running costs per chamber, per Controlled Atmosphere unit, or for the whole installation, and do it all with a fully configurable interface. As a result, the overall productivity of the Controlled Atmosphere installation and the conservation system in general can be improved.
    Technical characteristics :
    The O2, CO2, C2H4 Management Supervisor will automatically oversee : 'CO2 removal, N2/O2 injection and O2/CO2 analysis. Optionally, it can also oversee: CO2 and C2H4 injection and C2H4 analysis.
    • "Proportional" O2/CO2 regulation.
    • Real-time relative humidity analysis and regulation.
    • Real-time pressure analysis and regulation.
    • Real-time temperature measurement in 1, 2 or 3 points (maximum) per chamber.
    • Automatic chamber seal tests using the Absoger CO2 adsorber.
    • Semi-automated O2/CO2 analyzer calibration (automatic for the C2H4 analyzer).
    • Full communication :alarm adjustment for all values measured, fully customizable by the client.
    • Run time meter integration on the refrigeration units.
    • Logging, alarm displays and summary reports sent by e-mail.
    • Maximum flexibility: for each chamber, any type of analysis or type of regulation can be added. They can even be added several years after the purchase of the Management Supervisor.
    • An intuitive client interface :chamber display from a bird’s-eye view, cross-section of in the form of a classic table with information being measured and/or actions currently being performed displayed in real time.The display can be personalized by each client (it is possible to download real plans of the chambers and the entire site).
    • New SQL server database to optimize supervisor data management.
    • Windows SEVEN compatible. Complete ICT installation provided (PC with keyboard, mouse, flat-screen monitor, printer).