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    PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) nitrogen generators consist of two activated CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) charcoal columns.  CMS is a special type of activated charcoal whose pores, at high pressure, can absorb oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor while enabling nitrogen and other inert gases to pass through.  By alternately increasing and decreasing the pressure within these columns, the nitrogen is separated from the other gases.

    Before entering the activated charcoal columns, the conventional compressed air must be dried and purified using the high-yield air pretreatment package included with the Absoger nitrogen generators.  While one of the columns produces nitrogen, the other regenerates the CMS through depressurization.  In this way, the system continuously provides a stable, highly pure and food-safe nitrogen output.

    Our range of nitrogen generators for the wine-making industry

    Absoger provides a full range of nitrogen generators which are dedicated to wine-making applications and developed using our years of experience working alongside French wine-makers.  This range includes the GENIUS and GA series.  Here are the characteristics which they all share :

    "Food grade nitrogen” certificate : the nitrogen generation process complies with the following EU directives :

    - Council Regulation (EC) n° 1935/2004 of the 27th of october 2004 concerning materials and articles which come into contact with foodstuffs,

    - Council Regulation (EC) n°1333/2008 of the 16th of december 2008 concerning food additives,

    - Commission Regulation (EU) No 231/2012 of 9 March 2012 laying down specifications for food additives listed in Annexes II and III to Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008.

    All our nitrogen generators are delivered with their food grade nitrogen certificate.

    Integrated control system : this includes a highly accurate oxygen analyzer (0.01%) and a smart, next-generation PLC module which ensures optimum, reliable and energy-efficient nitrogen production.  A color touch-screen displays a range of different settings, such as real-time nitrogen production information (purity, output, pressure, etc.) or information about past production (data history which can be viewed as raw data or converted into charts, graphs, etc.) and purity selection.  Finally, the nitrogen generator can be connected to the site’s ICT network so that the user can monitor it remotely and receive information relating to the generator’s functions, granting ever-greater security for your system.

    Full-package option : if the user does not have access to a sufficient reserve of compressed air to correctly run their nitrogen generator, Absoger can offer a complete and independent nitrogen production platform.  This includes an air compressor, compressed air and nitrogen tanks and the complete compressed air filtration system (this is already included in all of the models in the series).

    If the client wishes to choose this option, the platform will be assembled on a metal base (see the “GA series” example, below) and the completed system will be tested in our factory to ensure that it can be delivered “ready to use” on your site.


    The Absoger GENIUS* series: for maximum flexibility

    The GENIUS series has been developed to meet a requirement shared by all of our clients: flexibility.  As such, the GENIUS models adapt to our users’ growing nitrogen requirements.  By installing additional CMS columns, the nitrogen output from the GENIUS units increases without needing to change the generator model.  This feature is unique to GENIUS, enabling you to customize your investment by adjusting the unit to your exact requirements. In short: as your needs change, your GENIUS adapts.

    Nitrogen output: from 5Nm3/hour
    Purity : up to 99.999%

    *GENIUS is marketed in France under the NITREO© brand, exclusively with our partner Oenomeca.

    The Absoger GA series: an economical investment for increased nitrogen consumption.

    For clients in need of greater quantities of nitrogen, Absoger stands out from the competition by offering a generator which consists of just 2 CMS tanks for any nitrogen output, purity or pressure.  The benefits of this method are clear: by reducing the number of tanks to a minimum (2), huge savings in terms of manufacture, use and maintenance can be made.

    Nitrogen output: from 65Nm3/hour
    Purity: up to 99.999%