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We control your Atmosphere

Our expertise

Thanks to our great flexibility, we can adapt our products and services to all your needs

  • Custom-made, high-quality manufacture :
    Here at Absoger, we’ve always taken care to organize our different departments and services to ensure the greatest flexibility for our clients in terms of product characteristics. In this way, we can manufacture tailor-made systems (dimensions, international standards, etc.) as efficiently as possible, enabling us to meet the most specific of our clients’ needs.
  • A fast and flexible service :
    Whether confronted by technical, legislative or environmental constraints, we can always adapt our systems to your needs. Our design office will assess your technical specifications and offer you the best possible technical solution for your application.
  • Full project control
    We choose to undertake all of the different project phases in-house, from design and testing to manufacture, assembly, equipment tests and validation, right up to installation, maintenance and customer service. Our technicians and engineers will install your system, test it and come to your premises to start it up and train your teams.
    When you choose Absoger, you’re choosing a partner with 30 years’ experience in the on-site nitrogen production industry. We’ve got extensive experience in all types of industrial applications, both in France and around the world.