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We control your Atmosphere

Our expertise


When you choose Absoger, you are choosing a partner with 30 years’ experience in nitrogen production. You are also choosing the leading French manufacturer of nitrogen generators for the wine industry.

Continuous improvement of our wine-product line

Here at Absoger, we’ve always taken care to organize our different departments and services to ensure the greatest flexibility for our clients in terms of our product’s characteristics.  In this way, we can manufacture a range of nitrogen generators which meet the specific needs of the wine industry. This range includes the basic features of all our generators and includes several crucial functions which are adapted to the field. Without these, any attempt to integrate our systems into a wine-making application would be impossible, due to the stringent demands of the sector.

Working closely with our clients

We are always looking for ways to provide our clients with a better service. This is why we put a high priority on maintaining good, productive relations with them, as their manufacturer. To achieve this, whether in France or elsewhere, our technical and sales teams branch out to meet our clients face to face, working to assess their requirements, install their Absoger nitrogen generators and train them in the use of their new equipment.