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We control your Atmosphere

Our expertise

High-quality manufacture

Absoger was founded in 1985 and has consistently abided by the golden rule of any good industrial equipment manufacturer: don’t compromise on manufacturing quality.
From the choice of components from respected brands around the world to equipment manufacture in our French factory, Absoger works to reassure our clients that their equipment has been designed to ensure quality, longevity and adaptation to CA (Controlled Atmosphere) chamber conservation environments.

Energy efficiency for our CA units

Absoger has always been aware of the importance of the "energy cost” variable in our clients’ activities. This is why Absoger uses all its resources to optimize the overall energy consumption of our Controlled Atmosphere equipment and systems. This covers the raw energy consumption of each CA unit (CO2 adsorber, nitrogen generator, etc.), but it also means developing innovative new systems which enable us to effectively reduce the overall electricity consumption of a Controlled Atmosphere installation. Pressure regulation of a CA chamber and the next-generation Absoger Supervision Managementsystem are perfect examples of Absoger using their power to innovate to reduce energy consumption.


Smart Controlled Atmosphere management : the Absoger Supervision Management system which uses "proportional regulation"

Aside from the emphasis on impeccable Controlled Atmosphere equipment manufacture and a first-class choice of components, a key priority of the Absoger Company is to develop a software package which intelligently regulates your hardware- the different components of the entire "Controlled Atmosphere” system. Now, each CA chamber is regulated in accordance with its requirements: the CA units run for the exact time required for each chamber, enabling huge reductions in energy and maintenance expenditures, concentrating their efforts on the most complicated chambers to regulate. This exclusive program, a real mastermind for your Controlled Atmosphere system, has been developed by Absoger and offers a wide range of other functions you won’t find in any other program.



Ethylene is a naturally-occurring plant hormone produced by most fruits and is responsible for their ripening and ageing processes. The presence of this gas above a certain level in a walk-in refrigerator or Controlled Atmosphere chamber will lead to much faster fruit degradation, as ambient ethylene binding to the receptors on the fruit surface launches irreversible, self-catalyzing chain reactions.

Over the past few years, Absoger has dedicated a significant amount of our research into this subject, enabling us now to quickly and accurately measure and control ethylene levels in a storage unit.
Today, Absoger is proud to present to all of our clients the EASI-1 ethylene analyzer and the ECOscrub ethylene and CO2 adsorber.


With 30 years’ experience and extensive research projects, Absoger is the ideal partner to advise you on the conservation method best suited to your needs, whether Controlled Atmosphere, ULO or Extreme ULO (XLO) with or without ethylene removal.

Send us your project outline- the number of chambers you need to equip, their dimensions and the types of fruits you wish to conserve- and we’ll work together to assess the different options available to ensure that your project is a success.

Before starting your project, it is important to follow a few guidelines to ensure the best possible performance from your units. Here are our recommendations :

In order to obtain the best possible size for your units, you need to :

  • Take into account the space required for effective air circulation, for example an 80cm gap under the ceiling.
  • Use high-performance sandwich panel insulation to reduce your overall energy costs.
  • Ensure that there is a perfect seal between panels.
  • Check the seal with the floor and its insulation, helping to reduce energy waste.
  • Choose doors specifically designed for Controlled Atmosphere applications.
  • Allow for a safety valve and compensation balloon if necessary, according to the size of the unit.

A good seal on your controlled atmosphere chambers and correctly functioning refrigeration systems are two vital elements of any controlled atmosphere conservation system.

Depending on the dimensions of your project, you will need to choose :

  • A correctly adapted refrigeration system: direct or indirect glycolated water expansion.
  • The right compressors for your needs: screw or piston.
  • Condensers: air, water or evaporative.
  • Evaporators with a power adapted to the refrigerating capacity of your unit and a sufficient heat exchange surface area.
  • A correctly sized regulator and a high-performance defrost system.

To use your installation with a controlled atmosphere, the temperature differential must never exceed 0.5°C (delta T<0.5°C).

As fruits will breathe differently from one variety to another, it is essential to take into account the varieties to be stocked when choosing the size of your CO2 adsorber, and take these data into account when choosing the right adsorber for your project.

Our CO2 adsorbers can be used for several chambers at the same time and managed automatically.

An O2 CO2 analyzer which may or may not be integrated into your adsorber enables you to keep a daily track of the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the chambers.

A nitrogen generator enables you to rapidly reduce the oxygen level once you close the chamber in order to stop the fruit stored within from breathing as quickly as possible. We recommend lowering the oxygen level in the chamber in a period of less than 48 hours.

For kiwi fruit storage, Controlled Atmosphere chambers must be fitted with ethylene catalyzers in order to maintain a very low ethylene level in the chamber. An ethylene analyzer will monitor the level of ethylene in the chambers and alert you to the need of any preventive measures necessary.

The CEFEL and CTIFL research centers publish recommendations for the optimum conservation of each variety. You can download them from your personal space.

For example, here are the recommendations concerning the Golden Delicious variety :

  • Conservation temperature: 0.5-1°C.
  • Possible to store in normal refrigeration until January.
  • Possible to store in a Controlled Atmosphere until May using an oxygen level between 2 and 3% and a CO2 level between 2 and 2.5%.
  • In Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO): it is possible to store Golden Delicious apples until June with O2 levels between 1.5 and 1.8% and CO2 levels between 2 and 2.5%.
  • In extreme ULO: research centers recommend levels between 0.8 and 1% O2 and CO2.
  • Particularity : Golden Delicious apples are sensitive to withering and senescence scald.